The Art of Recognizing People...

Visions is excited to announce Lynk Technology (Patent Pending); the ability to Lynk video and other sources to an award. Life has changed in so many significant ways, including more remote workers, the proliferation of social media, and the future of digital interactions. Take your award to the next level by providing a personal experience with one of the following use cases.

Drop ship with a special touch

Many employees are reaching key milestones without an in-person event to celebrate. Imagine the recipient receiving an amazing award and using their phone to view a key executive acknowledging their achievement! Perhaps other employees acknowldege the award. as well, in a montage! Finally, the recipient can choose to share the award video on social media!

In person event with video memory

At an in-person event, the moment of receiving the award happens so quickly! With Project Lynk, if the company records the event, the video can be lynked to the award, allowing the recipient to re-live the moment. Teammates could share feedback acknowledging the accomplishment. The award recipient might choose to share the celebratory moment on social media.

Donor Recognition

The major donor will truly appreciate their donation when the plaque includes a Lynk to a personal video from the charity acknowledging their donation and its impact. The video could include pictures of the results for a construction project or a website Lynk to the donor list.

Employee Welcome and Anniversary

Creating company loyalty and alignment with key values are critical to an organization. Many companies provide welcome kits or an annual award to recognize years of service. With Project Lynk, the welcome kit could have the CEO explaining the core values of the organization. For an annual award, the company would have the ability to include personal acknowledgement from a manager or peer that could be shared on social media.