The Earth holds in it a natural magnetic attraction.

Like the earth’s natural magnetic powers, sometimes there is an unexplainable force drawing you to someone or something. The captivating characteristics are unidentifiable yet irresistable. The captivating allure to someone or something often defies explanation, yet can lead to a journey like one would ever imagine.

How It Works


Your Magnetism award comes in two orientations; Horizontal or Vertical. Select the one that fits your layout or style.

Magnetism Dimensions: 4” x 9” x 1-1/2” | Weight: 1.85 lb

2Add a Graphic

We’ve designed special graphics just for you. Choose from our 9 standard graphics or send us your own.


Personalize your Magnetism Award with a logo, text and anything else that magnetizes you.

4Magnetic Add-Ons

One magnetic add-on is included with each award. Additional magnetic add-ons are sold separately. (See pricing and color options below.)

Standard Magnetic Add-On Color Options

It's All in the Details

The Art of Engineering

It's all in the details.

Engineering is both an art and a science. It blends universal truths of nature with the skills of individuals applying those truths. This is Magnetism - a beautifully engineered award arising out of the science of magnetic fields and the art of utilizing them to adorn sleek aluminum. However, since aluminum isn’t magnetic. Magnetism also uses a touch of magic in creating an award suited to recognize the most memorable milestones.

Aluminum Base

Magnetism comes in two orientations; horizontal and vertical.

Item # 1-5 6-25 26-50
Magnetism (SAMA100) $172 $153 $144 (3C)
Additional Magnetic Add-On $20 $18 $16 (3C)

Magnetism Dimensions: 4” x 9” x 1-1/2” | Weight: 1.85 lb

Price includes setup, personalization, copy changes, 1-side full-color digital imprint, and one magnetic add-on with 1-color text.

Magnetic Add-Ons

The Art of Attraction

Where irresistable force meets recognition.

As children, we played with magnets with great fascination. Turning them one direction there was no way to bring them together, yet with just a slight twist it was impossible to keep them apart. It makes us wonder now how many things that seem like obstacles could be overcome when viewed from a different angle. Success comes when these obstacles are overcome and success should be acknowledged in an appropriate, continual manner.

Choose from our four magnetic add-on options: Tire, Triangle, Hexagon or Droplet.

Standard Magnetic Add-On Color Options

Magnetic on 5 sides

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