The Art of Cosmos

Cosmos Collection
Stars and planets are just dark rocky masses going totally unnoticed until light shines on them. They then become the main event in the skies above. They are things of beauty and wonder. This is what Visions has done with concrete in our spectacular Cosmos Collection. Concrete is literally the foundation of our world. We walk on it. We drive one it. It spans above our waterways and roadways. It is our walls, our floors and ceilings. Concrete is everywhere, yet seldom thought of as art let alone awards. We have not only shined the light on concrete, we have married it with lustrous colors of resin for a combination that is as beautiful as it is unique.
Cosmos Collection


This sleek 8” high cylinder-shaped award features natural concrete paired with your choice of four colors of polished resin. Skillfully etched and color filled imprints carry your words of congratulations.


Half resin and half concrete. This unique combination of materials blends beautifully in this skillfully crafted cube. Add your etched imprint on any side to turn this work of art into a meaningful award.


Intriguing translucent resin highlights this exclusive award. Select from four translucent colors to pair with the natural concrete completing an enchanting cube shape.


This award shines from every angle. Select from four beautiful colors of resin to pair with the natural color of concrete in this unique hexagon shaped award.


This stunning sphere features polished resin and concrete with your message etched and color filled for a lasting impression.


This stunning wall plaque constructed in concrete and resin stands out from all others. Select from four beautiful resin colors and your choice of color fill for the etched imprint to make this truly your own design. Each plaque is key holed for easy hanging.


Select from one of the four rich colors of resin to pair with the cool toned concrete to complete the look of this stunning wall plaque. An ample imprint area allows you to express your etched sentiments with your choice of standard color fills. Plaque is key holed for convenience.