A Construction of Rugged Steel & Solid Cork

Steel’s hard, cold image is juxtaposed to the warm, soft appeal of natural cork, yet they have an important characteristic in common -100% sustainability. Both materials are recyclable and blend harmoniously. Choose a vertical or horizontal presentation to create a recognition piece that is edgy and eco-friendly.

USA Made


Rugged Steel Cuts

Available in Both Vertical + Horizontal

The eco-friendly Edge marries the warm tones of cork with cool steel creating a sustainable and recyclable award. Select a horizontal or vertical orientation to create the look you desire with digital imprint on this stunning design.

1-5 5-25 25-50
CK-1000-ST $138.73 $132.12 $125.83 (C) 8”W X 10”H
CK-2000-ST $138.73 $132.12 $125.8 (C) 9”W X 5.2”H
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